You invoked the Web service with these parameters:

URL: Link
Code System: 2.16.840.1.113883.6.69
Code: 00456140501
Language: en
Response Type: text/xml

The Web service returned the following data:

Title: MedlinePlus Connect
Subtitle: MedlinePlus Connect results for NDC 00456140501
Author: U.S. National Library of Medicine
Author uri:

Raw XML Output

<feed xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xml:base="" xml:lang="en">
  <title type="text">MedlinePlus Connect</title>
    <name>U.S. National Library of Medicine</name>
  <subtitle type="text">MedlinePlus Connect results for NDC 00456140501</subtitle>
  <category term="PAT" scheme="informationRecipient"/>
  <category term="" scheme="mainSearchCriteria.v.dn"/>
  <category term="NDC" scheme="mainSearchCriteria.v.cs"/>
  <category term="00456140501" scheme="mainSearchCriteria.v.c"/>